Medical Review Process

We strive to guarantee the accuracy of each piece of information we share on every page on the Liposet platform. That is, you can be certain that any piece of content on Liposet has been reviewed rigorously and carefully by one, or several medical experts from our board. Our review experts ensure;

  • The info is precise, factual, and clearly portrays the current scientific consensus
  • Source credibility, timeliness, and quality
  • The explanation given on any claim is clear, digestible to all levels of readers, and accurate
  • The data is objectively, properly relayed, cited, and well-interpreted
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What our editorial process entails

Before any of our articles get published on our platform, it has to undergo various stages of review. Both our editorial teams and medical-level experts get to review, fact-check, and approve for any content to go live. For this, our procedure takes a collaborative approach that ensures all designated experts view and review the information, something we are proud of, as this allows us to share accurate information first, and in an all-inclusive style for easy up-take of all readers.

How up-to-date do we keep our medical information?

The Liposet medical experts receive and review every piece of content before it gets published, and every time changes are implemented to a page. You can easily check the latest review date right below the title of each content, as well as the expert who fact-checked and reviewed it. Besides, we do content checks and adjustments periodically to remain up-to-date, especially when new research becomes available, and this also informs the last update date on the content in question. All this is to ensure we are up-to-date and relevant and to give you confidence that anything you read on our platform is accurate, relevant, and undoubtedly current.

What sources do we consider and use?

Our teams are extremely selective on the research sources for our articles, and so we only use the highest quality and fully reliable sources. For this, the sources are limited to government agencies and research records, peer-reviewed scientific study journals, in-house medical experts, and approved research institutions. In other words, we value and prefer primary approved sources and avoid secondary or tertiary references.

Who are the medical experts?

Below are the names and profiles of our medical experts who fact-check, review, and approve any medical content across the Liposet platform.

The team consists of ranked medical doctors, board-registered nurses, general nurses, and medical consultants who are specialized in their field of practice.

Staci Gulbin is a registered dietitian who has been certified...